What are the 3 most important things to do before putting a house up for sale?

October 25, 2018

* Curb Appeal * Curb Appeal * Curb Appeal *

First impressions give the buyer an immediate perception of the quality of house and how good you took care of it.

If they don't like it from the curb - they will NOT even go in!

I get it!  It has been hard to keep the yard up - especially here in San Diego with the year after year water restrictions and costs...

Unfortunately, below is what too many yards have evolved into!

So how do you get your curb appeal Looking Great? 

There are three main items to focus on. Read on and take notes.

1.  Exterior paint and color schemes.  Fresh paint and the right choice of color schemes go a long way.  Figuring out the best color schemes to use for your local market is easy.  Follow what the builders use.  They have paid expensive designers to perform market research and see what sells best.  You don’t have to.

2.  Trim up the trees and lawn.  A buyer needs to be able to physically see the house they are buying almost immediately when driving to it.

          a.  Make sure tree branches don’t grow excessively long so that they’re covering the view of the house.

          b.  Lawn maintenance is cheap and easy to do and gives the impression that you’ve maintained the house.  Letting grass grow tall is almost always an immediate turnoff.  It makes your house look like it belongs on the REO/Foreclosure sale and not the retail market.

3.  Inexpensive Landscaping goes a long way.  Most times you don’t need to buy the expensive mulch or decor.  Just the normal price bagged mulch spread around bushes and landscape beds make the exterior colors pop and give a good look without going overboard.

This exterior remodel covers all three of the above principles even before it was complete with mulch.  

Simplistic, minimal and clean.

All of these items are inexpensive fixes but can make a huge difference on the Buyers perception and willingness to make a great offer to buy!

The interior is very important as well, but buyers FIRST see the outside and that is how they frame their mindset about the quality and desirability of the house.

So invest in curb appeal.  Buying is an EMOTIONAL response first - make it a great one for them!

Best money spent by far!